We deliver creative and unique staging and rigging solutions. 

Robert Lawrence stocks an extensive range of truss and motors, enabling us to deliver even the most complex rigging. We have a keen focus on developing customised solutions.

Delivering a complete rigging and staging design service, we also take automation and motion control into consideration where required.  

From standard small structures, to fully bespoke design, build and installation, our team is here to enhance your event by creating a stage and rigging solution that is unique to you. 

Featured Services

  • Prolyte Truss Systems
  • Milos Truss Systems
  • Truss Circles 1m - 10m
  • Motors & Control 
  • Access & Safety Equipment 
  • Rigging Accessories 
  • Litedeck Staging & Hardware
  • Outdoor Stages
  • Bespoke Structures

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We offer stronger, more meaningful experiences for your audience through creative use of staging and rigging.

Our highly skilled production managers, technicians and riggers ensure a seamless delivery at any scale. 

We aim to deliver a solution that maintains the design integrity, whilst ensuring a fully functional installation.


Storage, structural safety and ease of transport are key and we're fully committed to maintaining the highest standards. All of our stock is fully certified and regularly inspected.

With extensive warehouse space, we can offer test builds and client demonstrations at our premises helping us to facilitate any scale of production. 

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We’re proud to provide the very best in equipment, experience and technology.

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