Event Overview

Deviate Innovation Summit hosted 200 guests from over 22 markets across EMEA. The one-day summit explored and discussed innovation within technology, consumerism, and the digital advertising world. Hosted within 25 Leake Street, London - underneath Waterloo’s railway arches - they addressed the future of media consumption.

The Brief

Our client outlined that 25 Leake Street had not previously hosted a conference, therefore careful consideration was taken across planning, design and suitable event production to enable the 180-degree views of the main plenary space, maximise seating due to capacity requirements and minimise noise due to two spaces being openly connected.


Due to the nature of the event space, a quiet efficiency was needed every step of the way from our 16-strong team for full install of sound, lighting, video, projection and stage sets which were also adjusted over lunch time for afternoon sessions.

Guests entered the space through a hedged tunnel through to the main plenary. Graffiti-style, branded wall projections were featured as well as a unique fog tunnel for sponsor branding.

Our client ensured plenary sessions were packed with social and sharable experiences, covering themes from innovations in digital advertising to consumer experience to artificial intelligence.

The stage set was a combination of unique graphics, covering an existing feature in the venue. A bespoke central screen was built to accommodate the 180-degree view point and content was brought to life via Panasonic Laser Projectors with a selection of screens, each relaying the main plenum content throughout the venue.

Main plenary lighting production included Robe LED, Robe Pointes, SL ESTRIP’s with generic lighting LED fixtures and Encore Performances were used for sponsor branding in the event reception area.

Three unique technology activations offered deeper engagement, one of which offering 3D chocolate printing of delegates faces.

Capacity numbers continued to change in the lead up to the event, with more guests expected than space was available. We worked with our client and extended the seating into the open space (beyond the plenary area) and built walls to maintain the intimate ambience, whilst extending the plenary space.

“Your team have been amazing from beginning to end. The client was blown away and they’ve had nothing but rave reviews from everyone. Please thank all of the team for working so tirelessly to deliver on the vision.” 

Services provided





Rigging and Staging

Event Logistics

Set Design and Build

Event Branding


Title: Deviate Innovation Summit

Venue: 26 Leake Street, London

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