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Event Overview

LAMMA'18 is the UK's largest farm machinery equipment and services show with over 850 exhibitors attending the event. Held at the East of England Show Grounds in Peterborough, it took place on 17th and 18th January 2018.

The brief

Our client, Ambition Brand tasked us to create stands for their clients, New Holland, Trellborg and Matermacc. 

New Holland wanted to showcase its game-changing, second-generation; new concept Tractor on its stand at LAMMA. This was the first opportunity for UK and Irish farmers to experience a new concept of tractor, proven to have the same operational capacities of any conventional tractor, whilst demonstrating the performance and durability of its diesel equivalent.

Trellborg aimed to showcase the VIP (Variable Inflation Pressure) system, winner of a Gold Medal at the 2017 SIMA innovation awards. The VIP system is a smart solution capable of self-adjusting the tyre pressure of a combine harvester during use. Responding to the precise load it optimises tyre footprint, thereby reducing soil compaction.

Matermacc wanted to increase their brand presence at LAMMA 2018. 


Working alongside Ambition Brand, we created an exhibition space for visitors interested in New Holland's vision for the future of autonomous farming machinery. 

Lighting, audio, graphic installation and video mapped content were all used to enhance display and branded communication. 

Over 130m2 of flooring was installed, alongside a 14m long set to include a 5m x 3m lockable shop and a 4m x 3m store room. 

Matermac had an integrated 2 x 7m x 3m truss goalpost built with 6m x 3m cader rail onto which 2x6m printed graphics were installed.

Lighting fixtures included Robe Robin Robin washes, Source 4 Fresnels, Junior Zooms, all operated through the Avolites Tiger Touch to showcase a trio of T7 tractor models demonstrating New Holland’s latest updates to the upper end of its mid-range offering.

New Holland wanted to mark the end of its 100 years of blue tractor production celebration with a display of the top 100 images submitted as a part of the manufacturer’s recent social media photography competition. Video mapped brand media was displayed using a Panasonic 21k projector and 7x4m projection screen with bespoke animation and content, whilst audio was a mix of d&b delivering a clear and crisp sound across the event.

Services Provided




Rigging & Staging

Event Logistics

Set Design & Build

Event Branding

Event Details

Title: LAMMA Agricultural & Machinery 2018

Venue: East of England Show Grounds

Date: 17th & 18th January 2018

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